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646 South MacArthur Street
Tacoma, WA 98465-1820
United States
Tel: 253-514-2374 |

Prodx helps leading Grocers and CPGs enable highly relevant and personalized experiences for grocery eCommerce. We do this through our proprietary approach of building highly standardized product data that covers each and every attribute that matters to customers across our the entire product catalog, including Private Brands.

Our foundational set of product data sits at the core of our 70+ interconnected services, which can be organized in to three distinct sets of capabilities:
• Experiences: Our 20+ Experience APIs can power relevant and personalized experiences like Search, Recommendations, Substitutions, and more.

• Digital Merchandising: Easy to use web based tools to further control, A/B test, and launch experiences tailored to your individual business priorities, like prioritizing Private Brands.

• Retail Media: Our unique offering utilizes the same product data to ensure on-site advertising never comes at the expense of customer experience. We're helping brands more efficiently spend their investment through our unique Pay per Conversion model, with an average ROAS of 9+ across all active brands to date.

Primary Contact:
Zach Bello
Head of Partnerships
Technology Services

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