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Retail Insight

1 Parkshot
Richmond, UK TW9 2RD
United Kingdom
Tel: 802-254-8600 |

Retail Insight is a leading provider of in-store execution software for grocery retail. We help retailers tackle some of their biggest challenges, including product availability, food waste management, labor productivity, and phantom inventory.

We believe that successful solutions are built on a fundamental understanding of the nuances and complexities that come with the retail industry. This is why we use cognitive technology; the augmentation of human subject-matter expertise and analytics with advanced mathematical techniques.

Our software solutions ingest a retailer’s foundational data to surface actions for your in-store teams as well as provide all-level reporting. As a result, we seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack, require little IT investment or change management, supplement existing inventory and ordering systems and carry little to no capital investment.

As a result, we now work with many of the world’s leading grocery retailers and CPGs.

Primary Contact:
Mr. Paul Boyle
Technology Services

Retail Insight Ltd

United States

Parent Company:
Retail Insight

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