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ALL-TAG Corporation

1155 Broken Sound Parkway
Unit E
Boca Raton, FL 33487-3538
United States
Tel: 561-998-9983 |

ALL-TAG is an American manufacturer of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) products and services designed to help retailers protect their merchandise from shoplifting. Our innovative and cost-effective EAS solutions are compatible with Acousto-Magnetic (AM) Radio-Frequency and (RF) systems made by Sensormatic®, Checkpoint® Systems and others. ALL-TAG is intensely focused on the source tagging of hard goods and apparel, as well as custom EAS products tailor-made to help loss prevention professionals reach their specific goals.

Primary Contact:
Ms. Catherine Berry
National Account Manager
Security Systems & Products
ALL-TAG manufactures and supplies their own brand of Sensormatic compatible AM and Checkpoint compatible RF Labels, Hard Tags, and other EAS solutions.

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