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Marketing Management, Inc.


4717 Fletcher Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76107-6826
United States
Tel: 817-731-4176 |

Marketing Management Inc. (MMI) is a sales and marketing company focused on consumer packaged goods with brand owners and manufacturers of brands.
Our suite of services is offered through a collection of companies dedicated to specific functions along the lifecycle of consumer packaged goods. Our focus is not only with new and emerging brands wanting to gain initial distribution into the marketplace, but also with brands that have successfully entered the consumer retail space, but need assistance in managing their business.

We help clients plan for expansion across all of North America, including Canada and Mexico. We can start early in the lifecycle with initial brand development, sales planning and the communication of your product’s unique selling propositions (USPs), which we validate through consumer research. Or we can enter the journey after critical distribution has been achieved and your business needs more attention to take advantage of market place opportunities.

Whether you are an emerging brand looking to compete or an existing mid-tier relevant brand wanting to expand… our organization can guide you along the journey of success. MMI is YOUR TRUSTED RESOURCE for SUCCESS.

Primary Contact:
Mr. Tim Hauser
Vice President
Advertising/Marketing and Design
Consulting Services
Food Safety
Merchandising Services
Private Brands
Too many to list

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