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Qliktag Software Inc.

4590 MacArthur Boulevard
Suite 500
Newport Beach, CA 92660-2028
United States
Tel: 949-760-3888 |

Qliktag Software Inc. is an innovator of mobile software solutions that bridge the gap between brands and buyers - fostering, trust, stronger relationships and more personalized connections between the two. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Qliktag's cloud-based software platform allows brands and manufacturers to deliver product information, deploy extended merchandising capabilities and set up interactive mobile experiences at the actual point of consideration where having instant access or critical information can make all the difference in a purchase decision.

The company has been working closely with global GS1 member organizations as well as manufacturers and brands to offer Saas mobile platform as global commerce moves into a phase increasingly influenced by quality and availability for reliable information on demand. Qliktag's flagship software platforms Q*Aggregator and Q*Engine bridges the gap between the physical world and the digital realm for the next generation of consumers and brands.

Primary Contact:
Mr. Mike Briggs
Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Technology Services

Quaker Maid Meats, Inc.

P.O. Box 350
Shillington, PA 19607-0350
United States
Tel: 610-376-1500 |

Equipment ;
Food Products/Snacks ;
Food Safety ;
Natural/Organic ;
Packaging ;
Perishables ;

Quotient Technology

400 Logue Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043-4019
United States
Tel: 650-605-4600 |

We connect thousands of brands and retailers with millions of valuable consumers every day, whether through our Retailer iQ platform, our vast publisher network or on our main consumer app and website, The reach of our industry-leading network is unparalleled.

Primary Contact:
Mr. Chad Summe
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Brands and Retail
Advertising/Marketing and Design ;
Technology Services
Brands:, Retailer IQ, Shopmium, KitchMe, Grocery IQ, The Good Stuff

Quri, Inc.

475 Brannan
San Francisco, CA 94107-5418
United States
Tel: 805-598-0887 |

Primary Contact:
Mr. James Lamberti
Chief Marketing Officer
Consulting Services ;
Merchandising Services ;
Research ;
Technology Services
Easyshift, Quri

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