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Food Retailing 2013: Tomorrow’s Trends Delivered Today


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This 2013 forward-looking analysis of the trends that are expected to drive food retail over the next decade is a follow-up to and extension of a 2012 analysis conducted by Booz & Co. and several industry partners on behalf of FMI. That 2012 research identified four key trends, a long-term shift in consumer behavior to value-seeking, the advent of technology-enhanced shopping, the growing impact of ecommerce, and a new emphasis on small formats. For this 2013 extension, FMI has again worked with Booz & Co. and industry data providers, Catalina, CROSSMARK, and Nielsen to dig more deeply into some of the trends identified previously and to explore additional forces that will shape our industry as we look out toward 2025. The ultimate goal of the research and this executive summary is to provide industry leaders with facts and insights to help address the challenges they face today and in the near future. For this analysis Booz & Co. analyzed data and perspectives from multiple sources: - Industry data collected by Catalina, CROSSMARK and Nielsen. - A custom online survey of over 1500 shoppers with a deep dive into consumer attitudes and preferences - Interviews with 15 C-level industry executives and with Booz & Co. retail experts across several geographies.

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