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Consumer Attitudes Toward Gene Edited Food Products: Detailed Report

FMI Foundation and Dr. Vincenzina Caputo of Michigan State University

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A follow-up to FMI Foundation research first published in 2020, this new report delves deeper into what consumers want to know about gene edited food products and who they consider to be trustworthy sources in addressing biotechnological applications in food. The new report entitled Consumer Attitudes, Trust, and Acceptance of Bioengineered and Gene-Edited Food Under the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard includes an examination of consumer reactions to the bioengineered label which was not covered in the initial report. Two versions of the new report are available. This version is the longer Detailed Report that provides a more thorough presentation of the research methodologies and additional background information.

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Product ID: 1000212
Publication Year: 2022
Pages, Size, or Length: 77