ARLINGTON, VA – FMI – The Food Industry Association today announces FMI’s first-ever Supply Chain Forum April 6-7, designed for mid-senior level supply chain professionals willing to learn and engage on a range of critical and timely topics across the industry. The online sessions will be brief and practical, building on a call to action to remove friction from the system while also building in additional resilience to meet future challenges head on. The timely event will also include a series of Solutions Spotlights to help attendees hear directly from solution providers with new or updated resources as well as Event Partner pages to interact directly with our event partners.  

FMI Senior Director, Supply Chain & Sustainability, Marjorie DePuy said, “FMI members across the spectrum – upstream suppliers through the wholesaling and distribution and transportation networks to the retail community – need to come together with some shared principles of supply chain resilience. It is more complicated than just buying and holding more inventory. We are in a global network of supply and each handoff – from ingredients onward – requires the exchange of accurate and complete data as well as safe handling and transport to the next link in the chain.”

Specific topics from the online event include: 

  • The data discipline required for better on-shelf availability.
  • The ways automation is disrupting and addressing our labor challenges.
  • A deep dive into the micro-fulfillment landscape. 

DePuy said, “A year into our collective COVID-19 response, most people now have a more informed view of our global supply chains, and know the time and materials involved in moving goods around the world and around our country. As we are wired to ask ourselves, how can we be better/stronger/more prepared next time, there is no better time to come together as an industry and look forward with specific ideas and opportunities to remove supply chain friction and improve our agility and resilience.”

For more information, visit the Supply Chain Forum.