ARLINGTON – FMI - The Food Industry Association explores grocery sales andSeafood Counter Value consumer attitudes toward seafood shopping in the 2020 Power of Seafood report released today. While Americans currently consume only 16 pounds of seafood per capita per year, the category is growing at a faster pace (+4.0%) than produce, meat, bakery or deli, and the analysis finds the food industry can leverage both in-store experiences and seafood sustainability practices to expand sales.  

“Seafood consumers spend more on groceries in an average week,” Rick Stein, vice president of fresh at FMI, said. “These shoppers make more trips to the grocery store each week and shop online more frequently than non-seafood shoppers.

Stein continued, “Also, when seafood is in the basket, the average amount spent by the household is three-times the average basket size for groceries, so if food retailers and suppliers can find the right in-store seafood shopping experience mix, there is potential to grow this fresh category beyond $12.5 billion.”

The Value of The Seafood Counter

Seafood shoppers (74%) believe when a grocery store has a seafood counter the quality of the seafood sold in-store is of somewhat or much higher quality compared to a store without a seafood counter. A seafood counter also offers a source for education and in-store experience for seafood consumers. Shoppers say they rely on store associates at a counter to offer information about freshness, value, origin of product, preparation, recipe guidance and nutritional benefits.

Shopping for Sustainable Seafood

Sustainability of seafood impacts the purchase behavior of up to 39% of seafood consumers. Seafood shoppers are particularly sensitive to how seafood is caught and raised. Certifications and standards for seafood products have a major impact on some consumer’s seafood purchases. Frequent seafood shoppers (37%) are more likely than occasional seafood consumers (23%) to say certifications have a major impact on their seafood purchasing behavior. Overall, there is room for more in-store and online education on sustainable seafood practices by retailers and suppliers with 66% of shoppers wanting to be more knowledgeable about seafood sustainability.

Power of Seafood 2020 was conducted by the FMI.

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