Product Supplier Membership


FMI Product Supplier membership is open to any person, firm, partnership, association, cooperative or corporation that:

  • Supplies branded or private label food and beverage products, personal care products, household products, nutrition supplements, or pet care products sold to retailers, wholesalers, distributors, restaurant and foodservice companies, or industrial distributors; or
  • Supplies or processes agribusiness products, or ingredients used in products for human or pet consumption or sold to other manufacturers at any point along the consumer products industry value chain as an ingredient.

Additional criteria for Product Supplier membership may be established by FMI’s Board of Directors.

FMI provides a unique platform for retail/supplier collaboration, knowledge exchange and initiative development around several key pillars. FMI staff use our expertise to help you:




Product Supplier Membership Benefits

By welcoming Product Suppliers, FMI will bring CEO’s, senior executives and future leaders together to create a more fully and vertically integrated organization driven by retail, wholesale and product supplier members that can:

  • Develop common positions and solutions on strategic and operational issues affecting the retail, wholesale and consumer goods business, with the primary focus on non-competitive business process improvements;
  • Guide the implementation of best practices across the food/consumer goods industry value chain; and
  • Establish food/consumer goods industry positions on public policy issues, when desirable.

Retailers, wholesalers, product suppliers and the industry at large will benefit from a:

  • Galvanized and harmonized industry that will be able to better serve customers;
  • Unified “Voice of the Food Retail Industry;”
  • Enhanced trading partner collaboration to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness across the entire value chain;
  • Environment of growth, innovation and agility;
  • Leverage of collective industry interests to influence external stakeholders; and
  • Create a consensus among progressive companies on industry initiatives in response to changing consumer needs and desires.

For more information on Product Supplier membership please contact:

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Senior Director for Business Development & Membership
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