Company : Forge City Works
Program category : Food Insecurity


The Grocery on Broad is a social enterprise owned and operated by non-profit Forge City Works in Hartford CT. It is a small footprint neighborhood market focused on
(1) food access;
(2) fighting food insecurity using an income-based sliding scale pricing model; and
(3) a job training program for disconnected and disengaged young people facing barriers to employment.


Forge City Works owns and operates The Grocery on Broad. Financial and technical assistance has been provided by Connecticut Foodshare, Hartford Healthcare, Dalio Education, The Melville Charitable Trust, CVS-Aetna, and Bank of America. C&S Distributers has been a great corporate partner on the project, as has Highland Park Markets.


1. Provide ACCESS to healthy wholesome foods in the Frog Hollow neighborhood of Hartford.
2. Address FOOD INSECURITY using an income-based sliding scale pricing model, where people can qualify for up to a 50% discount on everything in the store, 25% discount, or 3% discount.
3. Create opportunities for JOB TRAINING and WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT for disengaged and disconnected young people.


1. Measuring the amount and quality of food distributed through the discount program.
2. Helping participants acquire and maintain quality first jobs in retail customer service and the food/hospitality business.


"The Grocery on Broad is the result of innovative out-of-the-box thinking by a collective of advocates around creating a healthy food eco-system: non profits, government agencies, private corporations, and community activists. It represents some of the best that we can be when we work together to address some of the big issues our communities face every day." - Ben Dubow, CEO/Executive Director, Forge City Works

Support Statement:

"I am thrilled to join Connecticut Foodshare, Forge City Works, and Frog Hollow residents... to officially open the Grocery on Broad. Whether it be due to their ability to pay or access to reliable transportation, food insecurity is a reality for one in eight Connecticut residents. The Grocery on Broad will ensure fresh foods are available to Frog Hollow residents through an innovative ‘scaled pricing’ model that ensures all customers can purchase their necessities no matter their budget. I was proud to secure federal funding in Congress that was needed for the grocery to open its doors and serve as an example for other communities across the state and nation.” - U.S. Congressman John B. Larson