Company : Food City
Program category : 2015 2015 Award Winners Community Outreach Awards Nominees


We have been involved in various community activities for several years now. We are very fortunate and blessed to give back to our community whether it is by donating our time, food, or educating our community on recycling. We will continue to be involved in order to make our community the best ever and hopefully improving lives.


Food City has donated food for the community block party which is a free event for everyone and this past year we were able to feed over 2500 people. Food City partnered up with 5 local schools for a recycling challenge was able to recycle over 3 million plastic bags and save them from going to the landfill. Food City also gives to the annual turkey toss, Christmas with Santa, Senior Citizen Christmas Party and Kid's Christmas party.


Our objective is to improve the lives of everyone that lives in our community. We want to continue to give back to such a wonderful and loving community. We want to help improve these various activities if at all possible.


One of many events that we sponsor is a Block Party every July. We started sponsoring this back in 2000 with approximately 200-350 people. This past July we were able to donate enough food to feed approximately 2500 people. This event is free and includes everything from rides, face painting, food, and entertainment. Awesome quality family time.


Our mission is to give back to our communities because our communities are good to us. That is what Food City wants to do and we are passionate about giving. Steve Smith

Support Statement:

Without Food City the events that we put on for our community wouldn't be possible. Food City is very deserving of this award. There is no other grocery store that makes more of a difference in any community than what Food City does.