Company : Sprouts Farmers Market
Program category : Food Insecurity


Overview: The Grab & Give program is a community-driven initiative launched in September 2023. The program aims to provide non-perishable food items to those in need through customer participation and partnerships with food rescue agencies.

• Launched: September 2023
• End: December 2023

• Available in Sprouts over 400 stores across 23 states

How It Works:
1. Purchase: Customers can purchase Grab & Give bags available at participating stores. Each bag is pre-filled with a selection of non-perishable food items curated to meet basic nutritional needs.
2. Donation: Once purchased, the Grab & Give bags are set aside for collection.
3. Partnerships: The program collaborates with local food rescue agencies that coordinate the pickup of donated Grab & Give bags from the stores.
4. Distribution: The collected bags are distributed to various food banks, shelters, and other community organizations that assist individuals and families facing food insecurity.

By participating in the Grab & Give program, customers contribute directly to supporting those in need within their communities.


Sprouts has made significant contributions to the Grab & Give program, a community partnership initiative designed to facilitate food donations. Through this program, customers can purchase Grab & Give bags filled with non-perishable foods, which are then donated to local food banks. Sprouts collaborates with food rescue agencies to ensure the efficient pickup and distribution of these bags. This initiative provides an easy and convenient way for customers to make a meaningful impact in their local communities. In partnership with its customers, Sprouts has successfully donated more than five million meals to local food banks through the Grab & Give program.


1. Facilitate Easy Donations
• Provide a straightforward method for customers to donate food during their shopping trips.

2. Support Local Food Banks
• Direct donations to local food banks, ensuring efficient distribution to those in need.

3. Engage Customers
• Raise awareness and encourage participation by highlighting the impact of donations.

4. Maximize Impact
• Increase the number of meals donated each year and set measurable goals.

5. Strengthen Community Ties
• Foster community relationships and collaborate with local organizations for efficient donation processes.

6. Promote Sustainability
• Encourage donations of nutritious, non-perishable items and reduce food waste.

7. Raise Awareness
• Educate the public about food insecurity through marketing campaigns and in-store promotions.

8. Celebrate Milestones
• Recognize achievements and contributions to motivate continued participation and support.


The Grab & Give program has significantly impacted the community by providing over 5 million meals to local food banks. With HBA gross sales of $1.1 million and Grocery gross sales of $4.4 million, the program leverages a successful partnership model that combines consumer purchases with charitable contributions. This integration ensures a steady supply of resources to food banks, addressing food insecurity effectively. The program’s success is rooted in its simplicity and direct benefit: every purchase translates to meals for those in need. The measurable outcomes highlight the program’s efficacy, with millions of meals provided, reflecting a substantial positive impact on local communities.


“We are immensely proud to join forces with our customers in supporting those in need within our communities. Over the years, the incredible generosity and commitment of our customers to the Grab & Give drive have made a profound and lasting impact. Together, we continue to foster a spirit of giving and community support that truly makes a difference.”

Support Statement:

"We are so grateful for the support of companies like Sprouts that recognize the growing issue of hunger and look for ways to contribute to organizations addressing this complex issue," said Trisha Cunningham, President and CEO of the North Texas Food Bank. "Their generosity helps advance our mission of bridging the hunger gap in North Texas during this critical time and beyond.”