Company : The GIANT Company
Program category : Food Insecurity


From January 1 through March 31, 2024, customers at GIANT, MARTIN’S, and GIANT Heirloom Market stores were invited to round up their grocery purchases to the nearest dollar or convert CHOICE points into a donation to support local public school districts’ food programs through the Feeding School Kids initiative. In addition, The GIANT Company donated $100,000 as a match to the program. In total, The GIANT Company’s 2024 Feeding School Kids initiative, in partnership with its customers, raised more than $1.5 million to combat hunger throughout local public school districts in the communities it serves. With this funding, public school districts have been able to support meal programs and address food insecurity by supplying backpacks with food for the weekends, clearing outstanding student lunch debt, building on-campus food pantries, establishing garden programs, and more. Funds donated by customers benefitted the local public school district in the community in which they were given. The GIANT Company’s matching funds were awarded based on need, as determined by the percentage of students in the district who receive free or reduced meals. The following are the five public school districts that earned the most funding:
1. The School District of Philadelphia, Pa.: $81,187
2. West Chester Area School District, Exton, Pa.: $45,409
3. Washington County Public Schools, Hagerstown, Md.: $28,113
4. Frederick County Public Schools, Winchester, Va.: $25,259
5. North Penn School District, Lansdale, Pa.: $24,775


Together, The GIANT Company’s customers and team members have raised more than $7.5 million over the past four years through the Feeding School Kids initiative to address food insecurity in local public school districts. This year, due to the need and feedback from participating public school districts, The GIANT Company expanded its program to provide $50,000 in funding support for school food pantries.


The GIANT Company, guided by its purpose of connecting families for a better future, works together with nonprofits, schools, and other organizations to work toward eliminating hunger. The company has a legacy of giving back by supporting nonprofit organizations that have a direct impact on creating a future that promotes healthier people and changing children’s lives. The GIANT Company’s objectives for the Feeding School Kids initiative include working toward eliminating hunger in communities the company serves; collaborating with local schools to support even more families in need because when students have a full stomach, they are able to focus on learning; and providing families who are experiencing food insecurity access to food and nutrition resources.


This year’s Feeding School Kids initiative resulted in funding for 171 public school districts, impacting more than 475,000 students. The Feeding School Kids round-up program and related interactions with school districts shed light on additional nutrition needs. Because of this, in March 2024, in addition to the round-up efforts at the registers, The GIANT Company also supported six school food pantries with a total of $50,000 to feed 23,000 students. “Through GIANT’s Feeding School Kids initiative, Manheim Township School District received $10,749.62 to expand our school food programs. Thanks to GIANT and our school community members’ support, students will have continued access to high-quality meal programs. Thank you, GIANT, for helping us ensure all students have access to the nutrition they need to thrive!” -- via Manheim Township School District’s Facebook page. The 2024 Feeding School Kids initiative generated 88 news clips and 18.1 million potential impressions.


“With the help of our generous customers, The GIANT Company's 2024 Feeding School Kids initiative raised more than $1.5 million to address food insecurity among students,” said John Ruane, president, The GIANT Company. “School districts use the funds to pay off lunchroom debt, support in-school pantries, support weekend meal bag programs, and more to support kids and families who need it most. We thank everyone who rounded up at the register earlier this year to help ensure students can focus on learning rather than where their next meal is coming from.”

Support Statement:

“The money raised through Feeding School Kids will provide crucial support by ensuring students have access to extra food for weekends this summer which helps address food insecurity,” said Mike Embly, director, food and nutrition services, Washington County Public Schools. “Additionally, the money will help alleviate meal debt, ensuring that all students can enjoy nutritious meals without financial barriers, fostering a healthier and more inclusive school environment.”