Company : Collins Family Markets
Program category : 2012 Community Outreach Awards Nominees


Collins Family Markets and UpLift Solutions, a non- profit organization, met with the Mayor of Chester to see how the ShopRite store in Eddystone could partner with the city to help in the community. The mayor mentioned that the city was having a Community Clean up Day and could use help. There were areas that were in total disrepair and were proving to be a health hazard because they were a breeding ground for vermin and insects.


ShopRite volunteered to supply numerous items for the clean up such as bags, gloves, paper products to be used for serving breakfast and lunch and a pallet of water. When the Mayor mentioned that they needed rakes, blowers, and shovels, ShopRite reached out to the local Home Depot and got them to donate these supplies to the city. WE also got several associates from the store to volunteer their time and participate in the physical labor. One of the local colleges sent 4 bus loads of students to participate as well as many local community members.


The major objective of the project was to make neighborhoods safe places by removing the trash. It was also a way to bring people together to help others who were less fortunate than them.


Many of the areas that the volunteers helped to clean were occupied by senior citizens. They came out to offer their gratitude to the volunteers. Many stated that they just could not physically do the upkeep anymore. The other impact was on the volunteers themselves, who stated that it was a good feeling to be able to do something to help others.


"Collins Family Markets have always been committed to helping the communities where we do business. In these tough economic times we feel it is even more important to help where we can. Our Eddystone store is located right outside the city of Chester, which has long been a much underserved area for access to fresh food. We have developed a working relationship with the Mayor of the City and are actively involved wherever we can be of help. "This is your neighborhood, this is your ShopRite" is on the uniforms that our associates wear and we fully believe in this statement. If the community is supporting our business by shopping with us, then we want to support them." -Larry Collins, Sr., President

Support Statement:

I was privileged to be able to work side by side with the associates from Collins Market on the day of this event. The spirit of camaraderie that they exhibited was tremendous. I was also very impressed with the recognition they received from the residents of the area. So many times I heard residents say “It is so nice of you to volunteer to help out. This is one of the reasons I enjoy shopping at your store. Everyone is so friendly and helpful”. The whole experience was one of the most gratifying days I have had in a long time. -Cheryl Laubach, Associate Director Community Development, UpLift Solutions