Company : The GIANT Company
Program category : Neighborhood Health


At The GIANT Company, increasing access to healthy foods, promoting nutrition, and reducing food insecurity are priorities every day, both inside and outside its stores. In August 2023, with $1 million in funding support from The GIANT Company, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) announced its fourth Food Pharmacy at the Nicholas and Athena Karabots Primary Care Center in Norristown, Pa. Officially launched in fall 2023, the new Food Pharmacy delivers much-needed services directly to families’ doorsteps. Families can order their food online, and then the items are delivered directly to their homes. Additionally, a small in-person pantry was established at the center in Norristown that stores dry food and serves as another resource for families.


According to CHOP, more than 120,000 Philadelphia children live below the poverty line, and one in five people in Philadelphia experience food insecurity. The GIANT Company’s $1 million donation brings nutritious food where families live and further bolsters resources available at the Karabots Primary Care Center in Norristown. The GIANT Company has been a partner of CHOP since 1995. The company first became involved with Food Pharmacy program in 2018, providing an initial gift of $173,500 to establish a Food Pharmacy as part of CHOP’s Healthy Weight Program, launching the first pediatric hospital-based food bank in the country. The company made a second $100,000 donation in 2020. Through The GIANT Company’s Children’s Miracle Network round-up campaigns and other donations, more than $20 million has been donated to CHOP.


Guided by its purpose of connecting families for a better future, The GIANT Company recognizes the responsibility it has as a neighborhood grocer in helping families feel healthy and live well, creating healthier and happier communities. The GIANT Company’s objectives for the CHOP Food Pharmacy in Norristown, Pa. include working toward creating healthier communities and providing families access to nutritious foods as medicine for healthy lifestyles.


Efforts to address food insecurity often neglect city suburbs, and many areas in need are sandwiched between wealthier ones, creating overlooked pockets with limited access to resources. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated this issue, with many populations experiencing food insecurity for the first time. Additionally, there are many disparities affecting access to optimal nutrition and without a healthy diet, children’s overall health and development is at risk. CHOP’s Food Pharmacy program aims to increase access to healthy foods and promote nutrition for families experiencing food insecurity. As of June 5, 2024, 411 families were enrolled in the new Food Pharmacy at Norristown. So far, more than 3,000 boxes of fresh food boxes and more than 400 dry food boxes have been distributed to families in need in the community. In its first year, the Norristown program is projected to support 10 new families each week for a total of 520 families. It is expected to serve approximately 40 pounds of food per family per month for a total of 125,000 pounds of food distributed over the course of a year. Since the launch of the Food Pharmacy initiative in 2018 in conjunction with The GIANT Company’s support, nearly 1,700 families have been served by the program, receiving nearly 194,000 pounds of nutritious fresh and non-perishable food. Earned media coverage raised awareness for the new Food Pharmacy in Norristown, Pa. with 77 media placements, generating more than 1.6 million potential impressions.


“Increasing access to healthy foods, promoting good nutrition, and reducing food insecurity are top priorities for us – ones that never change. The GIANT Company team values our partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and our collaboration through its Food Pharmacy Program. Together, we’re able to reach more families in need and get that much closer to eliminating hunger in the communities we serve,” said John Ruane, president, The GIANT Company.

Support Statement:

“More than 120,000 Philadelphia children live below the poverty line and one in five people in Philadelphia experience food insecurity, which means they don’t consistently have access to enough food for an active and healthy lifestyle,” said Saba Khan, MD, attending physician with the CHOP Care Network and director of food pharmacy. “Each year, we deliver thousands of pounds of fresh produce to patient families through our Food Pharmacy program. The GIANT Company provides food, staff, and materials to deliver on the promise of a healthier life for those in the community. With this most recent grant, we can serve more children and their families with another Food Pharmacy in Norristown.”