Company : Brookshire Grocery Company
Program category : 2023 Neighborhood Improvement


Brookshire Grocery Company's Reasor's banner, with 17 stores in Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma, established the Supplies for Schools drive in 2019. Stores partner with customers, communities and schools to help provide school supplies for underserved students. The drive runs from mid-July through early August.


Communities participate and contribute in three ways: 1) by purchasing $15 pre-packaged bags of school supplies at any Reasor’s store or online (bags contain glue, pens, crayons, pencils, notebook paper and copy paper); 2) by making donations at store registers or online to help purchase school supplies; or 3) by purchasing Supplies for Schools bouquets in the floral department, with $1 for every bouquet purchased donated to the Supplies for Schools program. After the campaign concludes each year, Reasor’s contacts local schools and arranges for them to pick up their supplies. The supplies are then provided to students in need throughout the school year.


The company supports education and family well-being in the communities it serves. Through the Supplies for Schools program, Reasor’s and community members help local children start the school year off right with the supplies they need.


In 2022 alone, Reasor’s and members of the community provided almost $33,000 worth of school supplies for 2,200 local students in need.


“Brookshire Grocery Company and Reasor’s are proud to support local schools and students through our Supplies for Schools program. We appreciate our customers for partnering with us in this and other efforts that support education, help families and strengthen communities,” said Brad Brookshire, Chairman and CEO of Brookshire Grocery Company.

Support Statement:

“We are thankful for Reasor’s unwavering support for our teachers and students through their annual gift of school supplies. With well-stocked classrooms, teachers can devote their energy to teaching, and students can immerse themselves in the joy of learning, paving the way for successful school days,” said Moises Echeverria, President/CEO of the Foundation for Tulsa Schools.