Company : The GIANT Company
Program category : Social Impact


On June 29, 2023, in celebration of its upcoming 100th anniversary, The GIANT Company launched its Make a Difference Challenge, a new initiative focused on supporting communities through nonprofit organizations whose work has a direct impact on creating a future that promotes healthier people and a healthier planet. Then, through July 30, 2023, nonprofit organizations located in the company’s footprint were able to submit a proposal outlining how their unique program would enhance their community and lives of those they serve. More than 75 nonprofit organizations submitted proposals, which underwent a preliminary review by a panel of judges made up of team members. Four rounds of judges reviewed applications based off criteria that aligned with The GIANT Company’s purpose. Based on the judges’ scores, 10 finalists presented to a live panel of judges and audience, and then ten wildcards provided one-minute videos that the public could vote on. Award amounts were based off the judges’ scores for finalists and community votes for wildcards. During its 100th anniversary celebrations on October 4, 2023, at The GIANT Company’s Support Office in Carlisle, Pa., the company awarded a total of $500,000 to 20 local nonprofit organizations, as part of the Make a Difference Challenge. The GIANT Company awarded additional honorary awards: the People’s Choice Award, selected by the live audience; the Online Voter’s Choice Award, selected by online votes; and the GIANT Impact Award, selected by The GIANT Company leadership team. All donations supported the company’s purpose of connecting families for a better future by taking actionable steps to eliminate hunger, change children’s lives, heal the planet, promote wellbeing, and foster a culture of inclusion and belonging.


True to its century-long commitment to the communities it serves, The GIANT Company made philanthropy a cornerstone of its 100th anniversary celebrations by investing in their futures in many ways, including through the Make a Difference Challenge. Throughout the challenge, the company connected with a variety of nonprofit organizations to make a difference in the communities they serve. The GIANT Company also engaged with customers in a unique way by encouraging interaction through online voting.


The GIANT Company, guided by its purpose of connecting families for a better future, leads and supports meaningful initiatives that make a difference in the communities it serves. The company has a legacy of giving back by supporting nonprofit organizations that have a direct impact on creating a future that promotes healthier people and a healthier planet. The GIANT Company’s objectives for the Make a Difference Challenge include donating to local nonprofits to support even more families in the communities the company serves; collaborating and engaging with local nonprofits to create and strengthen partnerships and expand the company’s charitable reach; and celebrating the company’s 100th anniversary with a large philanthropic event that honors its legacy of giving back.


The Make a Difference Challenge has benefited communities by supporting programs and projects dedicated to increasing families’ access to healthy foods, supporting children’s health and wellbeing, working toward a healthier planet, and more. The Caring Cupboard of Palmyra, Pa. received $45,000 from the challenge to develop a transformative initiative aimed at addressing the pressing issue of food insecurity in Lebanon County. Through the establishment of a Mobile Food and Delivery Program, it aims to bridge the accessibility gap faced by vulnerable populations, ensuring that nutritious meals reach those in need. The program is estimated to serve more than 500 food-insecure individuals. Earned media coverage raised awareness for the Make a Difference Challenge, with 38 media placements, generating more than 260,000 potential impressions.


“Our community partners have always played a crucial role in making a difference in the local communities The GIANT Company has served for the past 100 years,” said John Ruane, president, The GIANT Company. “To recognize and to help move their projects forward is truly an honor, as together, we can help create healthier communities.”

Support Statement:

“A core value of The Caring Cupboard has always been innovation. As we look to offer additional possibilities to increase food access to our friends and neighbors, the Make a Difference Challenge allowed our team to dream a little,” said Shila Ulrich, executive director, The Caring Cupboard. “We are so humbled and honored the Make a Difference Challenge selected us as a finalist, as funds will be used to roll out a new mobile and delivery service to those who lack access to our facility. The GIANT Company is a shining example of what good can occur when collaboration happens – from food donations to this opportunity – and we are so thankful.”