Program category : Food Insecurity


The Giant Eagle Mobile Market was launched in January 2022, developed and brought to life as a response to food access challenges in our communities. Operating in Pittsburgh area food deserts, the Mobile Market is a “grocery store on wheels” bringing fresh and nutritious food to neighbors.


The Mobile Market currently operates in ten neighborhoods, visiting each stop once per week to ensure consistent access to products. It accepts SNAP and was the first market of its kind in Pennsylvania to accept WIC. To help make fruits and vegetables even more accessible, produce is offered at half price every day. The Mobile Market stops at various locations including senior high rises, churches, and community centers. These anchor partners assist every step of the way, helping not only to communicate the message, but to form operational decisions. An average of 275 customers visit the Mobile Market each week with the majority being loyal customers.


Offer fresh, nutritious food to our Pittsburgh neighbors in need. We have exceeded our original goal of 5 locations, by double that.


Expanded services to 10 local food desert communities, up from the original 5. Offered an additional 500+ products on board, up from the original 250. Now we are able to offer WIC and SNAP to be able to support more customers. The Mobile Market team continues to accept requests for new site locations, and consistently interfaces with inquiring communities. Three additional locations are in the planning stages for the 2024 year.


“Giant Eagle Mobile Market is one small, hopeful step towards positively impacting food access in our communities,” said Jannah Jablonowski, Spokesperson for Giant Eagle. “We launched this innovative initiative in partnership with local officials and through continued dialogue with the state, we’re thrilled to be the first and only store of our kind in Pennsylvania to accept WIC as authorized payment.”

Support Statement:

Myron Terry, director of the Learning Center at the Jasmine Nyree Campus, said, "We're just looking for an opportunity for our community members to get to the grocery store. The nearest grocery store is a little over 2 miles away. So, if you don't have a car, that makes it difficult. Who wants to walk down the street or hop on the city bus with grocery bags?"