Company : Ahold USA
Program category : Food


While supermarkets are among the top donors of food to hunger relief organizations like Feeding America, four years ago Ahold USA’s retail divisions, with the support of the Our Family Foundation, took the issue of hunger relief a step further. In 2012, Ahold USA’s retail divisions Stop & Shop New England, Stop & Shop New York Metro and Giant Landover announced a new three-year initiative to distribute a total of $9 million in “Fighting Child Hunger” grants to regional food banks. The primary objective of the grant program was to feed more children by leveraging the expertise of regional food bank partners who fight hunger day-to-day. In order to receive a grant, food banks submitted proposals explaining how a Fighting Child Hunger grant could help bring healthy meals to children in their respective communities.


In all, twenty-one grants totaling $9 million were approved for various hunger-relief programs, including backpack programs, after-school meal programs, mobile pantries, summer feeding programs, and other innovative initiatives. This grant program was communicated by Ahold USA’s retail divisions through external and internal channels using existing advertising and marketing resources. The participating food banks also shared news of the grants to their local constituents. Participating regional food banks were located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia and Maryland. In 2015, Ahold USA’s retail divisions, with the support of the Our Family Foundation, announced the continuation of the Fighting Child Hunger grant program for an additional three years. Twenty-four regional food banks were awarded grants totaling $10 million.


  • Feed more children by leveraging the expertise of regional food bank partners who on a day-to-day basis fight the issue on the front line.
  • Expand and improve sustainable childhood hunger relief programs of the participating food banks, including backpack programs, mobile pantries, school-based food pantries, “Kids Cafes” and other programs.
  • Improve the nutritional quality of healthy food to children living in food insecure communities.
  • Create awareness of childhood hunger and programs to address it in the communities the retail divisions serve.
  • Reduce food waste


Since the launch of the Fighting Child Hunger grant initiative in 2012, participating regional food banks were able to provide more than 11 million meals to more than 632,000 children in need. To measure the impact of the grant program, participating food banks provide Our Family Foundation:  

  • A quarterly report on established milestones and KPIs;
  • Mid-year analysis and update; and
  • Year-end report and proposed updated milestones and KPIs.

In addition, each participating regional food bank must submit a proposal at year-end to renew the grant for the next year. These requests are reviewed and presented to the Ahold USA retail divisions for their respective approval.


“Of the many initiatives the Ahold USA retail divisions have funded over the years, the Fighting Child Hunger grant program has made a real, lasting impact in communities where the retail divisions operate. We have the utmost confidence in the work of the regional food banks, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the innovative and bold programs that have been launched with the help of these grants. The work of Our Family Foundation in support of Ahold USA’s retail divisions reflects their values and commitment to help children and shape healthy communities.” -- Kathy Russello, Board Chair, Our Family Foundation

“The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley is very grateful to Stop & Shop and Our Family Foundation for being such tremendous partners in our efforts to eliminate childhood hunger. Their generosity will allow the Food Bank to continue providing bags full of food each Friday during the school year to 360 students in 10 elementary schools. In total, this grant will allow us to provide 64,800 meals a year directly into the hands of some of our community’s most vulnerable children,” said Mark Quandt, Executive Director of the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley. “The Backpack program makes a real difference in the lives of the children it serves, helping them improve attendance and school performance and reduce behavior problems. It is an honor to be part of the Fighting Childhood Hunger program and the schools it funds to help children in need.”