Company : Price Rite Marketplace
Program category : Food Insecurity


For the 10th year, Price Rite Marketplace has partnered with Feed the Children and local organizations in our "Feeding Minds and Bodies" Program. Price Rite holds between 8 and 10 drive through food donation events in underserved communities where our stores operate, providing between 400 - 800 families with essential food, Price Rite brand product, and health and beauty aids. This helps feed bodies - to help feed minds Price Rite provides books and backpacks filled with school supplies during the months leading up to the school year. These events take place throughout our 6-state marketing area in the Northeast U.S.


Price Rite partners with Feed the Children for logistics to the events and bringing food boxes to the communities. Price Rite also brings our own product and gift cards for distribution. We've partnered with various local organizations over the years for the events - with the past 2 years partnering exclusive with the Boys and Girls Clubs. The local organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club, identify the venue and identify the families to receive product - distributing between 400 and 800 vouchers for product. Team members from our stores come out to distribute the food in the drive through events and help the kids build their backpacks of school supplies.


Fighting hunger is at the heart of Price Rite Marketplace’s charitable giving and paired with Feed the Children’s vision to create a world where no child goes to bed hungry, they created the Feeding Minds & Bodies initiative. This year marks a decade of Price Rite Marketplace and Feed the Children teaming up to tackle childhood hunger and promote healthy childhood development by providing food, personal care items, books and school supplies to families in need. To celebrate this milestone, together, they will host 10 events throughout 2024, beginning in May and running through the fall.


With one in five children in the U.S. experiencing food insecurity, hunger remains a significant issue, especially during summer months. Since the two organizations first began working together in 2015, more than 40,000 families have received the fresh fruit, vegetables and groceries they need to nourish their families.


“Our Feeding Minds & Bodies program is one of the many ways Price Rite Marketplace serves its communities,” said Kevin McDonnell, president of Price Rite Marketplace. “We are excited to celebrate our 10th year in partnership with Feed the Children and work with the Boys & Girls Club to provide resources to children and families in need in 10 cities.

Support Statement:

“Children cannot thrive unless their basic needs are met,” said Travis Arnold, president and CEO of Feed the Children. “A widespread issue like childhood hunger will only be solved when enough people work together. Partners like Price Rite, () and the Boys & Girls Club(s) are vital to our mission as we serve vulnerable communities.” Since partnering with Feed the Children, Price Rite Marketplace has contributed nearly three million pounds of food totaling more than $10 million in gift-in-kind donations, helping more than 165,000 people in 49 cities