Company : Brown's Superstores, Inc.
Program category : Health


Jeff Brown noticed many of the customers were referring to the Pharmacists as “Doc.” He wanted to be able to offer them convenient health care right in the supermarket. He contacted Einstein Health Care Network in Philadelphia. It happened that MaryBeth Kingston, PhD., was also looking for ways to connect Einstein Health Systems into local communities. They spear to have the perfect venue and connect to do just this by working together.


It just so happened that the Cheltenham ShopRite store was in the process of a major remodel so it was easy to incorporate space for the clinic into the plans. Jeff and Einstein Leaders, Representatives from Schools and Seniors interested in local health issues. They determined what services were needed and how to get the word out to the local community. Jeff also contacted social services and had a Benefit Bank set up in the clinic to help people find.


The major objective of the program was to connect the community to quality health care at affordable prices and at a convenient location. It was also to address chronic conditions of our clientele such as obesity and related diseases such as diabetes.


During the first year of operation, the clinic has served over 1100 customers and has conducted over 400 screenings for chronic conditions. The clinic accepts all major insurance but it also has an affordable fee of &59.00 if the patient does not have insurance. It also helps to reduce the number of visits to local emergency rooms for simple illness such as a bad cold or earache therefor saving customers a large copay.


“We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to partner with Einstein Healthcare Network and the UpLift Solutions to offer these innovative services to the community. The opening of the first supermarket-based convenient care clinic in partnership with Einstein is an important step for Philadelphia to combat the growing threats of food deserts and poor public health across the region. Brown’s Super Stores is committed to ensure high-quality healthcare and healthy food will be available for all of our communities.” – Jeff Brown, President and CEO of Brown’s Super Stores