Company : Cub
Program category : Neighborhood Improvement


For the past 3 years, Cub has partnered with its community partner, We Push for Peace to give away bikes to children in the community that don't have the means to get one. But it is more than a bike giveaway - Cub has food trucks, giveaways and fun activities for the kids as well to make it a family event. This takes place on a Saturday in the summer at 3 inner city Cub locations - 1 in Minneapolis and 2 in St. Paul. The store employees all get involved and help with the food and activities.


Cub donates their parking lots to hold the events in - and creates a fun atmosphere for the families. Cub provides food trucks which grill hamburgers and hotdogs as well as hands out snacks, treats and waters. Cub also provides fun activities for the kids - bubbles, jump ropes, chalk to do art in the parking lot and plastic baseball bats to play ball with. It truly is a fun family day!


The objective of the bike giveaway is to provide a safe space for inner city families that typically can't afford a fun day away from the house. It is also a way to give back to the community - and make sure that any child that needs or wants a bike is able to receive one. It is about giving back to the communities in which Cub serves. Besides the bikes, it is about creating a fun day of activities and food for the family.


The event gets bigger and bigger every year. The goal is to give away as many bikes as possible and put smiles on all the kids faces. Each event gives away over 35-40 bikes and makes sure that those kids that are less fortunate don't feel like they are missing out. The event has surpassed handing out over 350 bikes in the last 3 years! And not only providing bikes, but provides food, drink, games and fun for the entire family. It is about bringing awareness that Cub wants to give back in the community. Especially in underserved communities.


Cub is proud of its partnership with We Push for Peace! When we can work together to give back to the communities in which we serve - it makes us all better for it. However, the absolute best part - is making the kids happy and providing a fun day for their families. Brian Audette, CEO Cub

Support Statement:

This event is about giving back. I do it for several reasons, but none more important than giving to children that are less fortunate. It is important to We Push for Peace as an organization because a lot of us grew up always wanting a bike but could never afford one. The impact in these communities is extremely important and very much appreciated as well. Trahern Pollard, Founder We Push for Peace