Company : Cub Foods
Program category : 2014


We teamed up with our partner, the University of MN as well as vendor partners to create a promotion. This promotion featured our partner’s products. We utilized weekly ad circular and special coupon book to promote along with radio and a TV commercial. At our front end every customers was asked if they would like to Round Up to support Second Harvest Heartland. It has been one of our most successful campaigns to date.


- Radio spots - TV commercial - Displays in all of our stores, 76 total - Mentions in Facebook and twitter - Coupon book - Circular


To partner with the University of MN to raise money for Second Harvest Heartland, as well as create awareness about hunger in America.


We raised $90,486.12 and 890,000 lb of food.


“Since the very beginning, making the communities we serve a better place has been a priority for Cub and its employees,” said Mike Stigers, president at Cub Foods. “With so many families still struggling to find enough to eat each week, our hope is that the ‘Cub Cares’ program will not only provide meals for those in need during this busy season, but also remind us all to do our part year-round to help create a hunger-free Minnesota.”

Support Statement:

Our partner General Mills said “We have a fantastic partnership with Cub and MN Gopher Sports. This campaign exceeded our expectations!”