Company : SpartanNash
Program category : 2014


As a company, SpartanNash continually contributes to the communities we serve in. Feeding the Hungry is one of our five focus areas and an area that we take very seriously. Throughout the past many years, we have continued to work with local food pantries and local food banks in developing programs based on the existing need in the areas we serve. As you will see below, we have large programs that affect entire store banners and we also offer programs that will work with the local store. All of the programs have the same goal - to impact and be a part of the community and help those in need.


Food For Families: This is a food drive partnering with WZZM-13, local television station for the past 14 years. Over 4 million pounds has been raised and donated to local food banks. County Wide Food Drive: All of the collected food is distributed to over 50 local food pantries Over $100,000 has been donated the past 20 years, along with 40,000 pounds of food donated in the past 11 years. Scan Away Hunger: A partnership with VG's and The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. The program started 1997 and our customers have raised $268,585 which is equal to almost 2 million pounds of food. These funds are used throughout the year to help the families in need in our community. Gift of Hope: This store scan program raises dollars which are given back to the local food banks in the form of a gift card so the food banks can purchase their food through our retail stores. Since the program began over 5 years ago, over $128,614 has been given back to the local food banks. Reds, Whites & Brews: This event started in 2010 and is a night of fine wine, food and beer all to benefit The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. Between the silent auction and ticket sales this event has grown and a continues to grow every year with over $25,000 being raised for the food bank. Smaller Community Initiatives Heartland Hope Mission: Heartland Hope Mission provides a week's supply of food to the working poor in the community.  Hygiene items and clothing are also provided at no cost. The first goal is to prevent families from becoming homeless by providing them with basic necessities. The second goal is to help families become self-sufficient. Case managers work with these families to connect them to the resources and education opportunities they need.  Additionally, financial classes are provided.  Over $9,624 has been raised to help this group over the past 8 years Local High School Partnerships: November 22, local high schools worked with Kids' Food Basket at our Gaslight Village and Knapp's Crossing D&W Fresh Market. The food donations collect a select group of items to ensure elementary children have nutritious food. Over 2600 # of food was donated that one day. Dickinson Family Fare Grand Opening: For every 6 ears of corn sold during a two week grand opening celebration, .25 was donated to the AMEN Food Pantry. A check in the amount of $1,466 has been presented to the AMEN Food Pantry. Dickinson, West Fargo, Fargo, Moorhead Family Fare Grand Openings: One full pallet of food was donated to the AMEN Food Pantry and Great Plains Food Pantry. A total of 6 pallets were donated, totaling more than $10,000 of product.


Programs are developed and executed to help those food banks in the communities our stores serve. As part of our focus areas, feeding the hungry is one key component.


With over 6 million pounds of food, dollars and gift cards donated to the local food banks and pantries, our donations have contributed to ensure that those in need are being taken care of.


Feeding a hungry family or treating senior citizens to a hot holiday meal are all ways in which we help meet the fundamental needs of our community neighbors. We strongly believe that our efforts to enhance lives are an important part of our company's culture and values. Our goal is to be a best-in-class company taking on social responsibility that aligns with our business strategies. Dennis Eidson President & CEO

Support Statement:

“The 14th Annual Food for Families was a terrific opportunity to spread the word about the need for healthy food donations in West Michigan. Without having these important nutritional food options in our pantries, we do a disservice to our neighbors in need. Thank you to SpartanNash and WZZM 13 for helping pantries have the food they need to serve thousands of families in our community,” notes Emma Garcia, Hunger Response Director, Access of West Michigan.