Company : Brookshire Brothers
Program category : Food


Brown Bags of Hope is a program created by Brookshire Brothers Inc. to allow our customers to help with hunger in our communities. BB created brown paper bags for $10 each that contain food items that the consumer can donate. Each bag contains about 7-10 dry food items like can beans, rice, tuna, mac n cheese, etc. These bags are then taken by the customer to donate to a charity or left in a bin at the store that gets donated to the local food bank or pantry. Most bags are left in the store bin with the store combining these bags for delivery to the charity. Each fall starting October 1st thru January 31st Brookshire Brothers stores compete against each other to see who can sell the most bags. In 2021 Brookshire Brothers stores sold over 20,000 Brown Bags of Hope that went into the 117 communities we serve.


Brookshire Brothers and its employee partners work diligently to promote these bags in each store location and then donate their time in many cases to deliver these bags to the communities and charities they serve.


Program objective is to help relieve hunger in the 117 communities we serve. Bags are tailored to help meet meal planning like spaghetti meal bag, multi-meal bag, basics foods bag, plus 2 fall holiday food bags. There is also a school supply bag and a toiletry bag that stores do supply as the need arises. All bags are sold year round as needed, but of course the biggest push is for the fall holiday season into the new year.


Success of program is determined by how many bags are donated. Each fall we challenge our stores with increasing their number of bags by setting a goal against their previous year's totals.


Each year this program has increased in volume. 2018 - 11,896 bags 2019 - 17,134 bags 2020 - 19,340 bags 2021 - 24,752 bags

Brown Bags of Hope has helped Brookshire Brothers give more back to the communities we serve. Through our customers that partner with us on this program we are able to provide needed food or supplies to many of the food banks, churches, schools and food pantries that benefit each year from this program. This is just one way that Brookshire Brothers gives back to families in the communities it serves.