Company : Schnuck Markets, Inc.
Program category : Social Impact


At Schnucks, our mission to nourish people’s lives means supporting organizations like United Way as they work to address the vast and varying needs of the communities that we serve together. Our community pillars are fighting food insecurity & hunger and workforce development, which are directly in line with many of the services United Way agencies provide in our communities. Each year, Schnucks hosts a company-wide United Way campaign that routinely raises more than $2 million ($2.316 in 2023). The footprint of Schnucks spans over four states, so to remain locally focused, the money raised during the campaign is donated to the United Way within the community in which it was raised. For example, our teammates' pledges and fundraising enable United Way of Greater St. Louis to provide stable funding throughout the year to its network of more than 160 high-performing nonprofits in 16 Missouri and Illinois counties that address a breadth of needs for our community. Support for United Way’s campaign helps build a strong foundation for our region’s safety net to help families and communities sustain and thrive, now and for generations to come. Whether it’s a friend, neighbor, co-worker, family member, or possibly even yourself, United Way is there to help those most in need.


Schnucks is proud to lead the way to support the United Way’s mission of helping people live their best possible lives. Five members of the Schnucks family have served as chairs for the United Way of Greater St. Louis’ annual community campaign including current Schnucks Chairman and CEO Todd Schnuck who served in 2021. In addition, three Schnucks teammates currently serve on the United Way of Greater St. Louis Board of Directors: Chairman and CEO Todd Schnuck, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Bill Bradley and Director of Communications Natalie Jablonski. In addition, Schnucks teammates regularly participate in United Way partner organization’s community service projects and support the United Way fundraising events, such as the United Way Illinois Division’s annual Power of the Purse and Campaign Golf Tournament.


Supporting the United Way is a powerful way to contribute to the well-being and development of local communities. Through efficient use of donations, comprehensive programs and collaborative efforts, the United Way makes a significant and lasting impact on the lives of those in need. The United Way focuses on the most pressing issues within local communities, such as food insecurity, homelessness, joblessness, education, health and financial stability. By funding a variety of programs, the United Way ensures a holistic approach to community development by addressing root causes rather than symptoms. Funds raised by the United Way directly support programs aimed at our most vulnerable communities. The United Way continues to invest in the capacity building of local nonprofits, ensuring they have the resources and skills to help those in need.


Schnucks has met its United Way fundraising goal for the past six years. According to the United Way, Schnucks teammates who give:

- A monthly gift of just $5 provides formula to one infant for a month.

- A one-time gift of $25 provides 100 meals to low-income children, families and seniors.

- An annual gift of $500 provides 10 hours of employment training or job coaching to an unemployed or underemployed neighbor.


At Schnucks, our community pillars are fighting food insecurity & hunger and workforce development, which are directly in line with many of the services United Way agencies provide in our communities. Only by working together can we unite people, resources and funding to help build strong and equitable communities where everyone can thrive. - Schnucks Chairman and CEO Todd Schnuck

Support Statement:

“Philanthropy is critical to the overall health of our local community, physically and economically. United Way of Greater St. Louis is deeply grateful to the Schnuck family and their commitment to our region. Over the past decades, Schnucks has been an integral partner and leader generously contributing millions to our community-wide campaign that raises 60-70 million each year. Together we impact over 160 nonprofits and help millions of individuals and families across Missouri and Illinois. The Schnuck family's mission to nourish lives spans generations, reflecting their dedication to the success of our neighbors." - United Way of Greater St. Louis President and CEO Michelle D. Tucker

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