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Understanding Healthy Benefits Cards (On-Demand Recording)

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Since the beginning of the 2023 calendar coverage year, retail stores have seen an increased use of “healthy benefits cards” by customers. These cards are designed to be used to purchase food and non-food wellness products. Some state Medicaid agencies and private Medicare Advantage plans, and possibly other programs and entities, may be offering these healthy benefits cards to certain beneficiaries or enrollees. FMI has heard reports of technical difficulties with accepting and processing these cards at the point of sale from grocers of all sizes and geographies. We also have heard reports that there are a variety of benefit cards in circulation (I.e., debit-style cards, gift cards) which are issued by different insurers and processors and utilize varying APL/UPC lists.
In this presentation, consulting firm Oliver Wyman defines Healthy Benefits Cards, offers an in depth look into the healthcare benefits market, and addresses retailer specific considerations and questions.

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Publication Year: 2023
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