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Eating In: Growing Sales by Helping Customers eat at Home More

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This product is only available to FMI members, Click here to log in and purchase the product. Food retailers have been working on meal solutions for years, but until now they haven't had a comprehensive fact-based foundation on which to build a strategy. This study supplies that foundation. Based on The NPD Group's extensive research into American eating behavior, it draws clear insights that will help retailers understand: -The needs, priorities, and emotions that drive breakfast, lunch, and dinner. -The seven dinner occasions and the motivations behind them. -Specific business-building opportunities around key insights. -Step-by-step instructions for building a strategic focus on meal solutions. -Calculating the "size of the prize" was a key part of the project. This estimate of the incremental business available across breakfast, lunch, and dinner makes it possible for retailers to set realistic priorities and targets.

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Product ID: 2336
Publication Year: 2010