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Digital Grocery Commerce: Exploring the Potential for Grocery Shopping Apps

Nancy Childs, Ph. D, Gerald E. Peck Fellow, Saint Joseph's University. Published by Food Marketing Institute

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Today’s reach of mobile smartphone technology and the personal and commercial blend of social media networks permit instantaneous consumer interactivity on grocery products, pricing and information access. This potential for consumers to access information, savings, and convenience through a mobile app enables a dramatic transformation in food shopping on a global basis. A revolution well underway and continually morphing, new grocery shopping behaviors represent both a challenge to comprehend and an opportunity to manage for increasing revenue and competitive advantage. Understanding consumer grocery shopping behavior in the mobile age requires fresh approaches to defining the consumer’s grocery shopping experience, motivation, and value equation. Developed under the Gerald E. Peck Fellowship with Saint Joseph's University and authored by Nancy Childs, Ph.D, Gerald E. Peck Fellow, this report is the first in a series of three studies and explores the potential for grocery shopping apps. The report analyzes the current digital grocery landscape including shopper behavior, smartphone penetration/use and grocery app awareness, usage and barriers to use.

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Publication Year: 2013
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