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Digital Grocery Commerce: Consumer Perspectives on Grocery Apps and Digital Trust: Retailer Opportunities for Maximizing Differentiation and Success

Nancy Childs, Ph. D, Gerald E. Peck Fellow, Saint Joseph's University. Published by Food Marketing Institute

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An exploding era of internet activity continues to advance grocery shopping app opportunities which provide consumer personalization, convenience, and economic advantage. As this commercial intimacy increases, the consumer’s perception of the balance between digital trust and digital risk is increasingly critical. Developed under the Gerald E. Peck Fellowship with Saint Joseph's University and authored by Nancy Childs, Ph.D, Gerald E. Peck Fellow, this report is the final report in a series of three studies and analyzes the current digital grocery landscape including shopper behavior, smartphone penetration/use and grocery app awareness, usage and barriers to use.

For this study addressing the use of grocery retailer shopping apps, digital trust pivots on the consumer’s perception of the organization’s utilization and management of their collected data from their purchase choices and shopping behaviors. It does not address concerns for the security of their financial data. Digital trust is defined as “the confidence placed in an organization to collect, store, and use the digital information of others in a manner that benefits and protects those to whom the information pertains.” Consumer digital trust is essential for continued growth in consumer personalization and m-commerce provided by grocery apps.

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Publication Year: 2015
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