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Updated to the 2013 FDA Food Code! Presented by nationally recognized experts, SafeMark Guide to Food Safety: Manager Certification Training (4th Ed.) includes learning aids such as industry case studies, an update in-text glossary, revised icons that highlight key concepts, new supermarket photos, quick reference charts for safe times and temperatures, a new Certificate of Completion, and more.

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Product #3128

The 2017 U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends report, prepared by the Hartman Group, tracks trends among shoppers, and for the last four decades, we’ve traced where they shop, how they shop and what issues are most important to them as consumers. This year's report explores transparency in the grocery aisle.

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Product #3190

The Power of Produce identifies the biggest trends in consumer purchasing and consumption of fruit and vegetables.

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Product #3191
Food Retailing Industry Speaks 2016 cover

This annual state of the industry report provides an analysis of financial performance, operational and store-level benchmarks as well as strategic and competitive insights.

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Product #3181

Food Safety Fundamentals (Fundamentals) is the food safety training book for anyone who prepares, serves or sells food. The book has been completely updated to incorporate recommendations from the 2013 FDA Food Code and features new graphics, images and a new design. Choose Fundamentals and enhance your training program today!

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Product #3161

SafeMark Trainer's Kit PowerPoint CD (CD only). CD contains: • Nine Training Session Slides with Talking Points • Electronic version of the 4th Ed. of the SafeMark Trainer’s Kit in customizable PowerPoint format • 8 and 12-hour Sample Training Agendas The print version of the SafeMark Trainer's Kit with CD containing PDF version of Trainer's Kit available, see Product # 3138

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Product #3133

The Power of Meat explores shopper perceptions, attitudes and behaviors regarding meat and poultry.

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Product #3188
Trends 2016 Report Cover

The U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends 2016 provides an analysis of the attitudes and behaviors of American consumers as they relate to and impact the food retail industry.

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Product #3169

Conducting numerous forms of research and analysis with partners Information Resources Inc. and Daymon Worldwide, this report looks at the private label business through four lenses

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ON SALE! NOW $5.00/each: Based on recommendations from the 2013 FDA Food Code! Add immediate value to your food safety program and ensure associates build a foundation of food safety knowledge and practice proper food handling techniques with SafeMark Quick Reference: Food Safety for Food Handlers. Topics include preventing cross contamination, cleaning and sanitation practices, accident prevention and safety, and more. Key updates include: • New visually enhanced images and graphics • Quick reference time and temperature in a pull-out format for easy access • Illustrated glossary of new terms • Section quizzes to review key food safety concepts • Certificate of Completion and updated 12 question quiz *was $11.00/ea

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Product #3127

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