Webinar: Medical Cannabis, CBDs and the Role of Pharmacists

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 (2pm - 3pm US/Eastern)

Join FMI for a presentation on what pharmacies (and their pharmacists) should know about the current landscape of medical cannabis in the country – including potential liability issues - at a time when state laws are both evolving and at odds with federal policy. Sam Dietle, an attorney from Hogan Lovells, a Washington DC law firm, will kick things off with a high-level overview setting the stage for Dr. Hillary Blackburn, PharmD, founder and CEO of the Natural Products Resource Center (NPRC).

NPRC has partnered with the nation’s only federally funded research institute to curate credible information on cannabis, so that patients prescribed to medical cannabis will have access to trained and confident healthcare professionals. Dr. Blackburn is a clinically trained pharmacist with experience in health care strategy, business development and formulary management. Her podcast, Talk to Your Pharmacist, promotes stories of successful pharmacy leaders and discusses current health care trends.