SQF Seminar in Brisbane

Monday, September 5, 2005
Food Centre
15 - 19 Hercules Street

The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Board of Directors (comprising 80 leading global retailers) fully support the SQF Program confirming it will be implemented by their diversified range of global food suppliers to provide further assurance of food safety and quality.

FMI members are also aware of the need to reduce the duplication and excessive cost of supplier audits and SQF provides the means to accomplish this. Those companies that achieve SQF certification will be given preferred supplier status by the many retailers and food service customers who endorse SQF.

A series of seminars will be held in Australia to outline recent developments with the SQF Program. An overview of activities in Europe, North America, South America, South Africa and Asia Pacific will be outlined. In addition, information on improvements to SQF auditing procedures, functionality of the SQF web-site, multi-site organization requirements and details of food sector guidance documents and environment and worker welfare modules soon to be released will be provided.

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Who Should Attend:

We invite the participation of food procurement, food safety and quality management representatives so they can learn more about the SQF program. It is expected that all SQF Auditors and SQF Experts will attend and take this opportunity to update their knowledge of the SQF Program. Attendance will count towards the individuals professional development requirements for the maintenance of their SQF Auditor and SQF Expert registration status.

Meeting Attire:

Please note that the dress attire is casual.

Registration Fees:

These fees are available through 09/04/2005
Name Price
Non-FMI Members $25.00  
SQF Certified Suppliers, Licensees, Registered SQF Auditors and Experts $25.00