Arlington, VA – Nearly 2,000 employers, patient advocates, pharmacies, providers and businesses sent a letter to Congress today strongly urging passage of pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) reform legislation that would address the anticompetitive practices of some PBMs while bringing greater transparency to the pharmaceutical supply chain. 

In the letter, which was led by FMI – The Food Industry Association and the National Community Pharmacists Association, the organizations encouraged lawmakers to significantly reform the PBM industry to achieve a health care system that prioritizes patient well-being, promotes competition and transparency, ensures fair pricing and access to essential medications, and reduces costs to plan sponsors. 

Additionally, the letter expressed the need to ensure federal PBM reform legislation preserves the rights of states. Many of the nearly 2,000 companies and organizations that signed on care deeply about providing health insurance to employees and appreciate the importance of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), but agree with the U.S. Supreme Court that ERISA does not prevent states from enacting policies that address the relationship between PBMs and pharmacies. The letter also emphasized that, despite claims to the contrary, there has been no evidence that health insurance costs have increased faster in states that have implemented PBM reform. 

The organizations stated, “By passing PBM reform measures that also preserve the rights of states, Congress has the power to lower prescription drug costs and alleviate the financial burden on patients and the health care system at large, while enhancing access to affordable medications for our employees and promoting a healthier, more competitive business environment. We stand ready to continue supporting you in these efforts and eagerly await the positive impact that PBM reform can have on the lives of all Americans.” 

The full letter is available here.