October is “Get Coin Moving” Month

ARLINGTON, VA – FMI - The Food Industry Association is encouraging all Americans to assist in increasing coin circulation this October during “Get Coin Moving” Month to support their fellow citizens and businesses that rely on coins for everyday cash transactions. FMI President and CEO Leslie G. Sarasin highlighted the ongoing disruptions to coin circulation in a statement, saying:

“The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated shifts in consumer habits about how they purchase goods and services, with increases in online shopping and credit or debit card use impacting the circulation of legal tender like coins. These shifts have resulted in large quantities of coins sitting idle in the 128 million households across America instead of flowing through commerce. Unfortunately, this means that businesses like grocery stores have a harder time making change for cash transactions, and consumers who rely on cash have difficulty securing the coins they need for everyday food and goods purchases at our stores.

“We cannot mint ourselves out of this situation. It is critical that Americans do our part to get coin moving by returning coins back into circulation. We call on all Americans to spend or donate their idle coins, deposit coins at financial institutions, or redeem them at coin kiosks.”