ARLINGTON, VA - FMI - The Food Industry Association offered the following statement regarding a looming U.S. railway strike:

"Freight rail networks play an important role in our nation’s food supply chain, transporting raw materials to manufacturing and processing plants that ultimately produce many of the goods sold on grocery store shelves. While FMI is concerned about the potential effects a rail strike or lockout would have on the food industry’s operations, food retailers and suppliers are historically resilient in overcoming supply chain disruptions to ensure that Americans can continue to secure the items they need to keep their families healthy and nourished.

"We remain confident that the food industry will be able to adapt to these rapidly evolving circumstances and find solutions to keep goods flowing should a strike or lockout occur. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage all parties to continue negotiating in good faith and come to a mutually beneficial agreement that keeps our nation’s rail networks open for business."