Arlington, VA – Today, FMI – The Food Industry Association joined with food industry stakeholders in a listening session hosted by the White House in advance of its Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health to be held later this fall. The conference will examine the state of hunger, nutrition and health in the United States and explore actions the federal government as well as non-profit and private sector stakeholders can take to reduce hunger and diet-related diseases.

FMI President and CEO Leslie G. Sarasin stated, “The food industry plays an important role in reducing hunger and improving nutrition and health with the grocery store as an accessible, convenient community-based destination for feeding assistance, preventive care, nutrition guidance, and nourishing practical meal solutions. FMI and our food retailer, wholesaler and supplier members all have an important role to play in this conference and the solutions we can put in place.” 

Sarasin continued, “We were pleased to participate in the White House listening session today to share our perspective on appropriate actions our members can continue to take to improve the health and nutrition of our customers and reduce hunger in communities across the country. We welcome the opportunity to work to identify additional, proactive ways our industry can commit to achieve collective health and well-being goals for Americans.”

Among the areas the White House has identified as priorities for the conference, the food industry supports programs and initiatives that seek to improve access to and affordability of food, integrate nutrition and health in helping consumers achieve their own well-being goals and empower Americans to make informed healthy choices. 

To inform the policy outcomes developed through the conference process, FMI will be submitting a report to the White House that includes member input on these key areas. On July 13, FMI will host a member convening to discuss and finalize the report the association will be submitting to the White House. Additionally, on July 19, FMI will hold a broader stakeholder convening to share policy recommendations across the food industry ecosystem and align commitments made to the White House from various industry sectors. 

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