Arlington, VA – Today, in support of President Biden’s remarks highlighting the strength and resilience of the nation’s food supply chain, FMI President and CEO Leslie G. Sarasin issued the following statement emphasizing the food industry’s efforts to keep shelves stocked and prices as low as possible despite supply chain challenges. The food industry is committed to ensuring American families have the opportunity to purchase the foods they need as they gather to celebrate the holiday season.

“Millions of joyful Thanksgiving gatherings last week illustrated that despite the current challenging supply chain environment, America’s food retailers and manufacturers continued their commitment to delivering the safest, most abundant food supply in the world. Through coordination with consumers, supply chain partners and lawmakers, the industry overcame many of the concerns associated with shortages and runaway prices, and FMI greatly appreciates the administration’s and Congress’ continued engagement on these issues.

“Families have seen costs increase for almost all consumer goods, including some items at the grocery store. Current price increases are due to a combination of supply chain challenges – from labor and transportation shortages to higher fuel costs and increased consumer demand. Grocers are doing everything they can to absorb these cost increases, and we ask consumers to continue working with us as we recalibrate our supply chains to meet their needs.

“Despite concerns about inflation, average household grocery spending has held steady at an average of $144/week over the past year, which is actually down from $161/week at the height of the pandemic, proving America’s consumers are remarkably resourceful and resilient.

“If we all continue to unite and work together, FMI has no doubt we will have a healthy, joyful and abundant holiday season.”