Arlington, VA - FMI Chief Public Policy Officer and Senior Vice President Jennifer Hatcher issued the following statement on the association’s concerns regarding the Biden administration’s recently announced vaccination and testing requirements for employers.

"FMI is continuing to raise the serious questions our members have regarding how the White House requirement for vaccination and testing would be implemented. They and we are particularly concerned with access to an adequate number of COVID-19 tests to comply with the requirement on a weekly basis; whether tests will be prioritized for the nation’s essential workforce; and if the testing requirement would be suspended during any time periods when tests may be unavailable. 

"Once an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) is published and we know more details about the requirements, it will take time to design a compliance system, including the kind of privacy protections needed to share and store information like testing results and vaccination information for our associates, including minors. We continue to raise these questions with the Biden administration and committee leadership on Capitol Hill so that they better understand the issues and complexity involved with compliance for our industry."