ARLINGTON, VA – FMI – The Food Industry Association today released the following statement from FMI Director of Health and Well-being, Krystal Register, MS, RDN, LDN, regarding the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Health and Human Services (HHS) release of the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Register said, “The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans are designed to provide the framework for all Americans to build family meals that meet their personal preferences, cultural traditions and budgetary goals. Food retailers and suppliers play a key role as partners for health and well-being in the communities they serve by helping to support healthy eating patterns and meet the personal needs of consumers. Retailers and suppliers will continue to provide easy, affordable and nutritious meal solutions to help Americans stay strong with family meals.

“With growing consumer interest in the connection between food and health, there is opportunity to help shoppers make small changes to embrace these science-based recommendations while shopping, cooking and eating. We also commend the agency’s effort to incorporate food safety messaging in the guidelines.

“The food industry works diligently to deliver a consumer marketplace full of healthy, accessible, nutrient-dense food and beverage choices. Along with education and encouragement by registered dietitians and community health professionals, this can lead to small changes and the gradual adoption of healthy eating habits more closely aligned with the Dietary Guidelines to ultimately improve overall public health.”

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are updated every five years to set standards for federal nutrition programs, guide outreach and education programs, especially for children, and encourage healthy eating patterns.  For the first time ever, the guidelines include advice for infants, toddlers, and pregnant and lactating women.  With this expanded scope, the guidelines now serve all Americans looking to lead healthier lives. 

The theme for the 2020-25 edition of the guidelines is “Make Every Bite Count,” a message meant to encourage choosing nutrient dense foods and beverages, with a note that it is never to early or too late to make the connection between good food and good health. The new guidelines are released with complimentary messaging to help Americans make small changes for better health, with interactive tools including an App to Start Simple with My Plate.