ARLINGTON, VA –FMI – The Food Industry Association supported the launch of a new alliance representing farmers, forest owners, the food sector, state governments and environmental advocates called the Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance (FACA). 

WHAT: This alliance recognizes the important role the entire food supply chain plays in climate solutions, and therefore, these partners have joined forces to develop and promote shared climate policy priorities. Together, they will present Congress with more than 40 recommendations pertaining to agricultural and forestry climate policy.

WHY: The supply chain needs consumers to engage on these challenges to help reinforce our larger climate goals. Food waste education is key to encouraging consumers – and young people in particular – to focus on ways they can be successful agents of change in the broader climate change discussion. Consistent with this thinking, the consumer-facing recommendations enhance and support the larger sustainability goals of the entire group.

WHERE: You can learn more about the Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance at and via the group's press release

HOW: FMI President and CEO, Leslie G. Sarasin’s comments onWhy the Food Industry Cares About Climate Change