Arlington, VA - On behalf of the food industry, FMI's Jennifer Hatcher, chief public policy officer, offered the following comments on the need for limited liability protections in the continued negotiations for an economic stimulus package during the COVID-19 pandemic:

“Nothing is more important to the successful reopening of the economy than limited liability protections for those who are following the law and government regulations and have been since the beginning of the pandemic emergency. The pandemic has created unprecedented operating conditions and the food industry has evolved to implement new and often changing guidance in numerous areas. Businesses that have acted in good faith to protect their associates and customers, and have implemented best practices that reflect the current state of science should not have to face lawsuits that second guess these efforts after the fact.

"FMI urges Congress to enact sensible liability protections that safeguard our industry’s extraordinary efforts to keep Americans fed - and with access to items sold through our stores and pharmacies that contribute to their continued good health.”

FMI is currently running digital ads to provide education on the need for limited liability protections.