ARLINGTON, VA – On behalf of the food industry, FMI's Vice President of Political Affairs, Hannah Walker, offered the following statement on the passage of the 2021 stopgap spending legislation, which extends the P-EBT program:

“Even during uncertain times the needs of all our customers and partners – including WIC and SNAP shoppers – remain a top priority for the food industry. FMI strongly supports the P-EBT feeding program, because it reaches families that typically rely on the school lunch program for meals and snacks during the regular school day but cannot receive these meals due to COVID-19. Integrating P-EBT into the SNAP system ensures customers can redeem their benefits at their local grocery store, where they already shop, without increased burden for all stakeholders.

“FMI thanks the Administration and Congress for their strong bipartisan support of the very successful P-EBT children's feeding program.”