FMI CEO Leslie Sarasin Participates on White House Call with Leaders from the Grocery Supply Chain

 FMI - The Food Industry Association participated on a White House call today with the nation’s food retailers, wholesalers and suppliers of the food and consumer products they sell. FMI and its members offered to stand ready with the President of the United States and his Administration to ensure the viability of the supply chain and the availability of safe, affordable food and consumer products for our customers.

FMI President and CEO Leslie Sarasin said:

“We want to ensure that all Americans know the government is working closely with all stakeholders across the food and consumer products supply chain to ensure that stores can stay open and stocked with the products consumers need through this emergency.

“We stand with the President, the Vice President and the Administration, as we work, serve and feed the nation. We are resilient; our industry is working 24-hours-a-day to replenish and restock while ensuring the cleanliness of our stores and facilities. We are seeking to be sensitive to the needs of all our customers and partners, including our WIC and SNAP shoppers and the food banks our stores support.

“This fortitude is strengthened by our strong public-private partnerships with government agencies to ensure our supply chain remains resilient, nimble and effective.

“I am grateful for the leadership demonstrated by FMI’s member companies and the commitment of their dedicated workforce along with all food industry participants and stakeholders during this national emergency.

“We appreciate and agree with the Vice President’s comments commending this industry as the ‘trusted voices’ in your communities, large and small.”

For Media:

A video message from Leslie Sarasin