FMI’s Vice President of Tax, Trade, Sustainability & Policy Development, Andy Harig, offered the following statement on the passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Harig said:

 “Today’s passage of the USMCA ensures the close economic ties between the U.S., Canada and Mexico will continue to benefit American consumers and food retailers by lowering costs; broadening supply networks; improving eating quality; increasing assurance about food safety; and reducing product losses. 

 “Our expanded trade with Mexico and Canada has transformed grocery produce departments over the past thirty years. This transformation has taken place at the same time as new markets have opened and expanded for U.S. growers; so much so, that the United States food and agriculture economy now supports more than 22 million jobs and $152 billion in exports every year.

 “This trilateral trade agreement maintains and secures existing supply chains and will result in continued growth in U.S. food and beverage exports. FMI thanks House and Senate leadership for their efforts to pass legislation that benefits American jobs and consumers."