ARLINGTON, VA – The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) released the following statement from Jennifer Hatcher, chief public policy officer, on the repeal of the beverage tax in Cook County, Illinois:  

“We are pleased that the Cook County Commissioners heard the concerns of constituents and grocers and voted to repeal the county’s beverage tax. The loss of business caused by this burdensome and regressive tax, which has only been in effect since August, stunned local grocery stores and community members. Although the tax’s impact on local communities has been significant, we are inspired by the way Cook County residents channeled their outrage into an overwhelming grassroots response. We thank Illinois Food Retailers Association, Illinois Retail Merchants Association, American Beverage Association, Illinois Beverage Association, and every store owner, associate and customer who spoke up against the tax. Because of these efforts, the repeal will take effect December 1, 2017. We encourage food retailers and citizens facing beverage taxes across the country to continue to make their voices heard.”