ARLINGTON, VA – Food Marketing Institute (FMI) presented its inaugural Food SafetyFood Safety Innovation Award Innovation Award in conjunction with the International Food Protection Training Institute (IFPTI) to Publix Super Markets, Inc. for demonstrating a commitment to the advancement of food protection through performance, practice, creation, sustainability and leadership.

Hilary Thesmar PhD, RD, CFS, chief food and product safety officer and senior vice president of food safety programs at FMI, said: “We created this award to recognize companies that have made an innovative contribution and commitment to food safety and to encourage others in the industry, government and academia to search for creative solutions and implement new practices in continuing to keep our food the safest it can be.

“The award selection committee concurred that Publix maintains the highest standards for food safety, and the company’s commitment transcends supply chain, distribution facilities, retail stores and customer education. Publix understands that food safety is a shared responsibility and effectively collaborates with its association in addition to government agencies.

“Food safety remains a priority for the food retail industry and FMI regularly works with partners like IFPTI to promote the advancement of food protection. In addition, we offer comprehensive food safety training materials designed for food retail, resources on food safety best practices and food safety advice and guidance throughout the supply chain.”

Publix garnered recognition for its achievement at a Capitol Hill Reception honoring IFPTI senior fellows.