October 14, 2015 – ARLINGTON, VA – Food Marketing Institute (FMI) today launched a campaign aimed at correcting misconceptions in the food retail environment. Supermarket Myths. . . Busted is an online destination designed to help food retailers mitigate untruths that ultimately confuse shoppers or get perpetuated online.


Sue Borra, senior vice president of communications and strategic planning for FMI, commented on the campaign, noting, “As the voice of food retail, we’re interested in breaking down common misunderstandings that could distract from the shopping experience – from the ways in which supermarkets do business to the safety of the food they sell.”


The site, www.fmi.org/SupermarketMyths, hosts initial myths that FMI experts across practice areas will continue to update based on visitor feedback. The list will grow as questions are aggregated through the website and funneled through FMI practice areas to receive a fact-based response. As each new myth is addressed in October, FMI will leverage the hashtag, #SupermarketMyths, engaging social media followers about the truth in food retailing.