Democracy is Greater than any One Party, Person or Idea

ARLINGTON, VA – November 5, 2014 – Reflecting on the 2014 midterm elections, Food Marketing Institute Senior Vice President of Government and Public Affairs Jennifer Hatcher issued the following statement:


“There is perhaps no business more competitive than the grocery business, but there are a host of issues in the government relations arena where the toughest industry competitors work to achieve something positive for the industry and for their customers over and over again.


“Now that yet another competitive election has concluded, we will focus on facilitating the same type of truce between some of the most competitive elected officials of all parties – Republicans, Democrats and Independents – and work together to accomplish something good for voters and our country and of course, our industry.


“We also look forward to continue working with our state association partners to address new shifts in state legislatures and voters’ focus across the country.


“We will strive to return to political engagement instead of political bickering. As grocers, we need our elected officials to follow the same model of fierce competition, yet deep respect in order to move our country in the right direction.


“Without exception, winners last night talked about working across party lines to get things done, which seemed to be top-of-mind for voters. FMI remains optimistic that this can happen, but it will not be easy:


  • We need to return to regular order in the political process with hearings and markups, debate and amendments;
  • Nominees requiring Senate confirmation should be presented, vetted and then confirmed or rejected – not recess appointed or left in limbo; and
  • Executive Orders should be reserved for executive ordering, not legislating or regulating or attempting to address controversial policy issues without a true debate.


“We learned from this election that this democracy is greater and more important than any one party, person or idea.  Congress must do as the supermarket industry has done in some of our key areas and step outside of the competitive arena and return to political engagement and common ground as some things are too just important to get wrong.”